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A Social Enterprise benefiting Tinsley and the wider community of Sheffield

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Tree planting & aftercare

  • Delivery of tree planting schemes from specimen trees and extra heavy standards to bare root native whips, we can supply and / or deliver any size of planting scheme to suit your needs.Trees will always be selected with care to suit their location and sourced from high quality nurseries.
    Over the past four years, we have worked for and on behalf of Sheffield City Council with many schools, community groups, and business sponsors across the City in the delivery of tree planting schemes.

    • Planting of avenues and copses of selected large heavy standard trees
    • Planting of mini-woodlands
    • Planting of orchards
    • Planting of hedgerows
    • Planting of shelterbelts

  • Delivery of shrub planting schemes including bed preparation, edging, soil improvement and weed suppression. We can supply good quality nursery stock and / or undertake any size of planting scheme to suit your needs.

  • Delivery of Maintenance and Aftercare formative pruning (removal of dead / crossing branches and epicormic growth), watering, weeding, mulching and spot spraying.